Amish Voices: Section 3

Amish Worker

There are numerous Amish publications with varying circulations. Pathway Publishers is one of the largest houses, and offers three of the most popular Amish magazines: Family Life, Blackboard Bulletin (focused on schools and school issues) and Young Companion. The following three articles sample the genre and wisdom of Amish publications. They are used here by permission for educational purposes only.

From the pages of Family Life:

My Horse and I

An Ordinary Day

From the pages of Young Companion:

Through the Goldsmith’s Fire


The Amish also work with mental health professionals to offer services to the broader Plain People community. Doorway to Hope and Circle of Hope are two booklets created by a group of Amish women to offer encouragement and suport for those in their communities suffering from domestic violence. Samples of the stories included in these books are used here by permission.

Uncle Joe

Brenda’s Story

JoAnna’s Story

Healing Journey is a booklet that offers encouragement and support for those in their communities suffering from inappropriate and deviant sexual behaviors. Samples of the stories included in this book are used her by permission.

Healing From Sexual Sin

Damage of Sexual Sin

Elaine’s Story

Information on obtaining copies of Doorway to Hope, Circle of Hope, or Healing Journey is available through James Cates.

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