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Serving the Amish: A Cultural Guide for Professionals is a companion website to the book of the same name (James A. Cates, Johns Hopkins UniversityPress, 2014). Both book and website were created for professionals and those training professionals who work with the Amish in the areas of social service, mental health, healthcare, law enforcement, addictions and substance abuse, or any other area that requires a sensitive interface with this complex people.

Website Resources

  • Video interviews with experts on Amish society and culture (10-20″ segments to allow ease of use in classroom, workshop, or seminar settings)
  • Video interviews with experts in areas of Amish service
  • Audio interviews with the Amish
  • Selected information from The Sewing Circle, a group of (predominately) Amish women advocating for those who struggle with domestic violence in these communities
  • Selected information from The Healing Journey, a group of (predominately) Amish men advocating for those who struggle with sexual issues in these communities
  • Selected articles from Amish publications (used by permission)

Amish Ingenuity

Amish Ingenuity





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